Past Events:

Water Rights in Nevada Seminar

Both Tim O’Connor and David Rigdon will be speaking at the Water Rights in Nevada Seminar on Monday, December 9, 2019.

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Get the Tools You Need to Successfully Tackle Challenging Water Law Cases

The fight for “liquid gold” is getting ugly. With developers, government officials, energy companies, tribal leaders, utility companies, farmers and others putting water in their crosshairs, more and more attorneys are taking on these complicated cases. This focused legal program is packed with the latest and greatest legal strategies for protecting your client’s water rights and use. Whether you’re an experienced water law attorney or new to the practice area, this program will provide you with practical tools to tackle water law cases. Register today!

Course Content

  1. Prior Appropriation Water Law Made Simple
  2. Ethics and Water Law
  3. Legislation, Regulation and Case Law Update
  4. Water Rights Evaluations
  5. Handling the Application, Lease, Transfer and Sale of Water Rights
  6. Handling Water Rights Disputes: Adjudication Procedures and Litigation Tips
  7. Current Issues, Legal Challenges and Recent Trends

Las Vegas Review Journal Articles:

Southern Nevada water agency opens hearing on pipeline 

Ranch and resource manager Bernard Petersen, and Zane Marshall, director of resources for the Southern Nevada Water Authority, look at Swallow Spring at Great Basin Ranch in Spring Valley in White Pine County.


Ranchers criticize Southern Nevada water agency’s pipeline plan

The vast, empty valleys of eastern Nevada could lose everything — from their springs and native plants to the visible blanket of stars above — if the Southern Nevada Water Authority is allowed to siphon groundwater from beneath them to feed growth in Las Vegas.

State engineer orders hearing on water authority’s plans for rural Nevada basins

As part of a test to see how much water it should be allowed to pump, the Southern Nevada Water Authority spent $36 million to build a treatment plant and a pipeline from this Coyote Springs Valley well to Moapa Valley Water Districts system…



Prior Events

Paul Taggart recently spoke at the 2nd Annual Nevada Water Law Conference Addressing & Resolving Water Disputes. November 28-29, 2018 at the Peppermill in Reno, Nevada.

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“We have assembled Nevada’s foremost water law experts to provide you with the latest state and federal legal updates, best practices, and policy perspectives related to addressing and resolving conflicts over water”.

Topics include:

  • Nevada Water Supply Status
  • Legislative Preview
  • Report from the State Engineer’s Office
  • Evaporative Demand and Implications for Nevada Water
  • Texas v. New Mexico and Colorado
  • Updates on Regional Water Disputes
  • Forfeiture and Abandonment
  • Walker River Adjudication

  • Colorado River Drought Contingency Planning
  • Curtailment

Nevada Water Law Conference | Managing a Scarce Resource. November 13-14, 2017

Powerful insights on topics including:

  • Federal and State Case Law Updates
  • Nevada Water Supply Status and Trends
  • Federal Water Policy Changes
  • Humboldt River Basin Water
  • Eureka County/Diamond Valley Water
  • Colorado River Report
  • Groundwater Management: Lessons from California
  • Non-Appropriative Water Rights
  • Recycled Water and Water Reuse      Conference Brochure